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Ralph Lauren Romance- Scents & Memories

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/ Perfume: Ralph Lauren Romance /

/ Pearls: Nordstrom /

/ Lip Gloss: Too Faced Lip Injection/

Some of the most lovable people are those that have unique qualities. They have bold personalities and special characteristics. You could sit down and write a list of all their favorite things if you had to because they are so memorable.

My grandmother was like that.  She has been passed away for almost two months now, but I could tell you backwards and forwards all the things that she liked. Long phone conversations, Shrimp salad, peanut brittle, home décor with pigs on it, University of Florida Football, SAS shoes, Vick’s vapor rub, Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream, I could go on forever.

One of her staple items I decided to buy the other day was Ralph Lauren Romance perfume. It was her favorite perfume. I can’t remember a day where it wasn’t sitting on her dresser. She wore it frequently and would ask for it every year for Christmas (even if she didn’t get through the bottle from the year before, ha-ha).

I was at Sephora a month ago getting some essentials.  I only buy new makeup when I have used every ounce of the old. I pick up makeup maybe twice a year. (Btw I will be sharing my makeup routine soon on the blog so stay tuned.  EEEKKK!! So excited!!) So I was in Sephora not planning on buying perfume (only makeup) and I saw the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume in the corner of my eye.  I instantly threw all financial sense out the window even though  I’m typically pretty smart about what I buy.  Surprisingly enough, seeing perfume at a makeup store can bring back so many emotions.

I saw this perfume and convinced myself that I had to get it because any additional way I can be like my grandmother was worth all the money in the world. I sprayed it on my arm to make sure I wasn’t wrong, purchased it, and have zero regrets. It smells amazing. Just like I remember when I would smell it on her all those holidays, average days, and times I got the most wonderful hugs when I needed them most.


It has a classic scent. It’s hard to describe a scent with words, but my best description would be a picnic in a field of flowers with a longtime familiar friend. Ralph Lauren describes it as, “the timeless essence of falling in love, velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk.”  Well I gave it my best shot ha-ha but I think Ralph Lauren does a better job at perfume descriptions. Even though my grandmother was wearing it in her 80’s and 90’s, I wear it in my 20’s and people think it smells lovely!!  I wanted to share it with you because it’s a special scent to me.

Scents can bring you back to places and people. They can remind you of very small details you thought you had forgotten as well as reinforce huge feelings you have about someone you have lost.  It’s amazing how the human brain works that way.

As far as life goes: this week has been super busy so far.  A few days ago I went to a Tennessee blogger meet up at Sinema in Nashville.  It was my first time going to Sinema and meeting up with some of the girls!  Sinema had amazing food and a very swanky atmosphere.  It’s a restaurant made out of a former movie theater!  How cool?!? At the dinner I met some great bloggers in Nashville and reunited with a few I had already met.  It was great to catch up.  These girls have amazing blogs.  If you like my blog at all then you will love theirs.  Some of the blogger girls at dinner were KBstyled, Greta Holler, Goldwill Digger, Southern Made Blog, A Short Blonde, Here & Now and The Bailey Bunch!  There was quite the large group!  For three hours,  I had the most wonderful time.  Being around a lot of like minded women is truly encouraging and inspiring.  It makes for pleasant conversation and a lot of fun!  It’s always a benefit to learn from other people’s experiences, especially in the blogging world!

I am super excited to be having one of my best friends from college and her boyfriend staying with me in Nashville this weekend for a visit.  My boyfriend (Tyler) won major brownie points last Sunday when he helped me deep clean my apartment for their arrival ha-ha.  He is the best!  It will be so nice to catch up with them and do some exciting things in Nashville.  As always, thank you for reading! Have a great rest of the week!

/ Perfume: Ralph Lauren Romance /

/ Pearls: Nordstrom /

/ Lip Gloss: Too Faced Lip Injection/

Photos: Catherine Truman

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14 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Romance- Scents & Memories

  1. Thank you a lot for lovely article! Yeah, sometimes, just smelling some perfumes remind me of things, I thought, I forgot long ago:) I really love that picture with pearls! Great job! I think that now I am inspired and ready to finish my essay for Have a wonderful day!


  2. It was a pleasure meeting you Paula! You are such a sweet soul 🙂 I loved this nostalgic post that left me recalling the scents that remind me of my own Grandmas who have also passed away.


  3. It was so nice meeting and getting to you know you, girl! You’re such a doll and I can wait to watch and you continue to grow and succeed! I’ll look forward to all of us gals getting together soon! 🙂


    1. It was so nice to meet you! It was great getting to know you as well. I look forward to getting together again too! I loved your latest post. I think it is awesome you can help other woman realize that pregnancy doesn’t have to be perfect and you can be true to your self! Beautiful!


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