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Workout Ready with Lululemon

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/ Top: Lululemon / Bag: Herschel Supply Co / Shoes: Nike /

/ Pants: Lululemon / Sunglasses: Similar /

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Hey ya’ll!  Today I am bringing you another workout outfit from Lululemon.  You can read about the first one here.  Lululemon is one of the higher end athletic clothing brands.  I try to keep my purchases from there to a minimum (for my bank accounts sake), but I do have a few of their things that I cycle on repeat!  Love their stuff!!!  The quality of their clothes is top notch and everything they make is so comfortable.  This is the softest shirt I have ever worn.  I have only had this shirt a few weeks and it already sold out.  So I found one that looks identical here. They even replace your workout pants for free if they start to rip or have a hole in them.  So if you are trying to splurge on some high quality workout clothes then they are the right brand for you.  I know that if I buy a long sleeve shirt like this one I can wear it hundreds of times before it gets worn out.  Since I am a Florida native I never realized people actually need long sleeve shirts to work out in.  I am use to 80 degree temps almost year round.  Now that I live in TN they are actually a staple item for me between December and March!  Otherwise you will freeze the whole time you are trying to workout.  If you workout in a big garage like me you need the proper clothing to keep your muscles warm and prevent injuries.

I have many pairs of workout pants and these are probably my favorite!  They just feel so light and free flowing.  I am wearing my new favorite Nike tennis shoes that I wore in my latest fashion post Street Style with Nike.  These shoes are great for errands, work, a night out and to workout in! So versatile and edgy too!  My Herschel Supply gym bag was a gift from one of my best friends 2-3 years ago and after a lot of use it still looks brand new!  This bag is spacious and fits all my stuff in it.  It’s very high quality as well and picking up a lot of popularity right now!  Just like you are going to be picking up some weights in this outfit if you buy it! Ha-ha!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. I am because right now I am currently writing this at one of my favorite coffee shops outside of Nashville. It’s called City Limits and I have pretty much made a tradition of coming here every Sunday morning. They have a breakfast panini made with a bagel called the Huevos Rancheros that is amazing!! (Mostly because of the jalapeno cream cheese.) It’s delicious!

This afternoon we are driving outside of town for Tyler’s Grandfathers birthday party. I am hoping I will be able to keep it together. After losing both my grandparents in a 7-month time frame (they were basically my parents and I talked to them almost every other day) I am probably going to be a mess just thinking about the word grandparents. I can be anywhere is Nashville and the instant I see a grandparent and a grandchild I just start welling up. I want to walk up to the kid and be like, “ I hope you enjoy every minute because it goes by faster than you think.” But obviously I don’t do that because that would be super weird!!

Friday night Tyler (my boyfriend) and I went to dinner and then we went to midtown (a string of bars by Music Row). It was dead because the SEC Basketball Tournament was going on near Broadway so that’s where the rest of the city was. Unfortunately the Florida Gators (my alma mater) lost in the beginning of the tournament so I decided not to go to any of the games. In midtown, we met some people from Maryland who were on a Bachelor Party trip. If you aren’t familiar, Nashville is the hottest destination for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. You can walk down Broadway (the main street of Honky Tonks) any given Friday/Saturday night and see at least 10-20 sets of girls in their all black outfits. One of them will be wearing a crown and/or sash and it’s not hard to tell why they are here.   Tyler and I actually ended up talking to this guy with the Bachelor Party group for almost two hours. We learned about his whole life. He was a Veterinarian Technician in the Army and had basically traveled the world. He was super interesting and friendly.  Then Saturday night we went out to a small town west of Brentwood, TN. One of our friends lives out there and it was his birthday. They have about 3 places to go out to eat in the whole town (Fairview, TN) and we went to the Mexican restaurant, which is literally the center of the town! Because it was his birthday they put a sombrero on him and then slammed whipped cream into his face and it was hilarious!!! We had a great time and went to our friends house afterwards to hang out. Having small get together’s at peoples houses are my favorite weekend activity.  His mom made some cupcakes that were amazing!!!!

Well I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend so far! Good luck getting ready for Monday and as always thank you for reading!

/ Top: Lululemon / Bag: Herschel Supply Co / Shoes: Nike /

/ Pants: Lululemon / Sunglasses: Similar /

/ Photos by: Catherine Truman /

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