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My Skincare Routine- Rodan + Fields

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I hope everyone is having a great week!  I have been dying (like seriously SO excited!!) to introduce you all to some of the best skin care products I have been using lately.

So my Aunt has absolutely amazing skin!  No joke she looks half her age!  You can check out her picture here if you don’t believe me.  I figured if her skin looks that great then maybe I should get in on some of her secrets!!  My Aunt offered to do a skin consultation with me because she is a Rodan + Fields consultant.  With her assistance, I took a quiz online and was advised I needed the Reverse line.  You can take the quiz yourself right here.  The Reverse skin care line is made specifically to help with the appearance of brown spots, dullness, and discoloration.  I had uneven skin so I wasn’t surprised by my results.

Just in case you aren’t familiar, Rodan + Fields is this amazing skin care line (created by dermatologists) with different skincare regiments for specific issues.  The products are customized just for your needs.  Can you imagine how effective it would be if you could target all your problem areas specifically?

I couldn’t . . . until NOW!

In the past, I never really thought about getting a solid skincare routine established.  Growing up I have always been very interested in protecting my skin (because I have the palest/fairest skin EVER) but never really locked down the perfect skin care regiment.  After using these products for months I have learned that having a full routine can make a world of difference in the appearance/feel of your skin.  With this routine, my skin has a much more even/consistent tone and it is much brighter/fresher looking.  My skin feels much softer and moisturized.  I just keep touching my face all the time like a total weirdo (ha-ha) because I can’t believe how smooth it feels. (after I wash my hands of course) I have achieved these results with all the steps and products below.  I want to share my routine with you so you can feel really great about your skin too!

Alright, now I have to tell you this funny story before I get started into my routine.  You know how I love stories! Ha-ha. I think these products had a lot to do with why the story happened.  For the record I’m 25 years old.  You might already know that if you read my birthday post here.  I started using these products in January of 2016.  On the day after my Grandmother’s funeral, I had been using them for weeks.  I went with my Mom to the funeral home to collect the remaining flowers/paperwork from her service the day before.  We walked into the home and this lady that works there greeted us at the door.  We stated we were there to collect the flowers and asked if we could drive around to the back of the building to pick them up more easily.  My Mom specifically asked the woman if I could drive around while she went to the bathroom real quick.  The lady looked at me and with complete seriousness said, “Are you sure you can drive? Are you even 16 yet?”.  I thought it was a hilarious question since I had been driving for almost 10 years.  I just laughed and told the lady how old I was.  She couldn’t believe it! She thought I was wayyyyy younger (obviously).  Long story short, I think these products really do make you look younger!

 My Routine:

STEP 1: 

  • Redefine Eye Clothes: These pep-tide infused wipes help me take off all my eye makeup before I get down to business scrubbing my face.  It makes makeup removal so much easier.  Not only do the wipes remove makeup but they have anti-aging components as well.


/ Top: Similar / Necklace: Kendra Scott /

/ Earrings: Anthropologie / Jeans: Top Shop /




  • Deep Exfoliating Wash:  After all my makeup is removed I start off with a deep exfoliating face wash.  I wash my face and can feel the dead skin being removed as I scrub.  This leaves new fresh skin behind!



  • Intensive Brightening Toner: Next I use the intensive brightening toner with a cotton gauze pad all over my face (avoiding the eye are).  This continues exfoliation of the skin.




  • Dual Active Brightening Complex:  The next step incorporates two different products.  (On the right in the picture below.) I mix together a pea-sized amount of each and lather it onto my face, also avoiding the eye area.
    • These products use vitamin C and retinol to enhance skin brightening while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


My last step depends on what time of day it is.


  • Overnight Restorative Cream: In the evenings I put on this moisturizer before I go to bed.  This lotion rejuvenates my face while I sleep so I look extra rested the next day!


Like I said I am really excited to share these products with you because they have done so much for me personally in the way I feel about my skin!  If you don’t think the Reverse line (that I use) is best for you I would definitely take the quiz to see what you get!  Here are the other lines available from Rodan + Fields that might be a better fit for you:

  • Unblemish: For Acne and Post Acne Mark
  • Redefine: For Appearance of Lines, Pores, and Loss of Firmness
  • Soothe: For Sensitive, Irritated Skin and Facial Redness

I hope sharing my routine will help you out.  Thank you so much for reading!

If you would like personal advice on your skin feel free to give my Aunt a call or go to her website and do the quiz!  If you think these products would be a good fit, you can even order them straight off her site.  I just want you to feel great and look great!

Teresa Clark

R+ F Independent Consultant

(904) 923-2483


If you are an avid reader of the blog, then this is for you: I am about to launch a new site design.  I am SUPER excited about this and can’t wait for you all to see it go live!  I will keep you posted for the launch date but I am SO EXCITED about it I just can’t keep quiet.  I can’t wait to have a more sophisticated site with additional features for you guys!  Happy soon to be Friday!  Look for another post coming with some of that Lululemon in the mix.

 / Top: Similar / Necklace: Kendra Scott /

/ Earrings: Anthropologie / Jeans: Top Shop /

Photos by: Catherine Truman

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