Street Style with Nike

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/ Tote: Nordstrom / Shoes: Nike / Jeans: Top Shop /

/ Top: BP / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Jacket: Nordstrom Rack /

/ Earrings: Anthropologie / Sunglasses: Nordstrom /

Hey everybody!  The weekend felt way too short! Do ya’ll agree?

A few highlights of my weekend were:

  • I went to a restaurant called Saint Anejo and tried a very different type of drink with spices in it.  Something along the lines of cajun seasoning?!?
  • I went on a 7 mile hike with 2 people and 3 dogs at Percy Warner Park.  We got lost and definitely didn’t plan on the number 7.
  • I watched the UFC fight Saturday night on TV. It made me a nervous wreck!
  • I helped grill 6 chicken breasts, 2 pork tenderloins, a bunch of Brussel sprouts, and asparaguses with my boyfriend and his friend Sunday night.  We made food for the week for all 3 of us and then divided it up!  Meal prep and fun, all in one!
  • I bought these lace up flats that I had been stalking for months!! It killed my bank account unfortunately but I am hoping they will last for years.  Fingers crossed.

But enough about my weekend, I am so excited to tell you guys about this outfit.  This outfit is very different for me.  I don’t normally dress so edgy.  I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little bit on the blog!! I felt great when I wore this outfit because it is so laid back and chill.   Let’s start with these Nike tennis shoes.  I am in love!! Everytime I put them on I just want to do a “cool” dance. . .  whatever that would entail ha-ha.  Maybe the moonwalk?!?  They are super comfortable, neutral colors, and banging with any t-shirt/jean combo.  If you are in the market for some new tennis shoes that will make you feel like a champ, then you should look at these.

Remember when I told you about Tyler (my boyfriend) taking me to Kendra Scott for Valentine’s Day (in this post) and letting me pick one thing out. Well, this is the piece that I went crazy over!!  We got it 50% off because it was Tyler’s birthday month.  (They let you get 50% off one full priced item within your birthday month.)  Since I got this necklace for Valentine’s Day I haven’t taken it off.  I wear it to work at least 3/5 days a week even though it is a VERY bold statement necklace.  When you move around the glass catches light and it turns all different colors.  It makes you want to drop your jaw!  I’m not good at piecing together multiple pieces of jewelry so I like how I can put this necklace on and it’s boldness is like having a polished jewelry ensemble without all the effort!

Most leather jackets cost a fortune.  I’m talking $500 plus and I can’t fathom spending that kind of money on a jacket.  When I found this one for only about $60 I knew I wasn’t going to find a better deal to achieve the hoodie under the leather jacket look.  The gray part and the leather are actually sewn together so it is one piece!  It’s super comfy and perfect for moderate temps.  (FYI: You don’t really want to cram a thick sweater under this jacket.  It would probably look a little awkward.) I think the jacket was a good investment for something that can be worn in spring, summer and fall.

These Top Shop jeans are my jam right now.  I’m not kidding when I say I put them on every Friday night and then don’t take them off until Sunday afternoon (I can’t have holes in my pants at work. Very sad considering these jeans are the greatest! So I have to get all my usage in on the weekends.).  Sometimes I do sleep in them even though I probably shouldn’t admit that.  They are super stretchy and I love the slits at the knees.  The only thing about these jeans is they get a little lose/stretched out after day 2 of wearing them but I actually like that because tight jeans are never fun. Especially if you are brunching on a Sunday!!!  Let’s be honest.

I am wearing a basic BP tee underneath the jacket that is currently on sale at Nordstrom for only $10.  Unfortunately the tote is sold out but I found one that looks almost identical (probably even better!) for a similar price.  In summary, I am digging this look! I hope you are too.  Maybe you will do the same and step out of your comfort zone as well.  Thank you for reading and have a great week!

/ Tote: Nordstrom / Shoes: Nike / Jeans: Top Shop /

/ Top: BP / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Jacket: Nordstrom Rack /

/ Earrings: Anthropologie / Sunglasses: Nordstrom /

Photos by: Catherine Truman

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40 thoughts on “Street Style with Nike

  1. I love that sneakers are trendy enough to wear outside of the gym. I actually need to get another pair to wear around town. As I get further into my pregnancy I can’t really get away with wearing uncomfortable shoes!


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