Flower Power

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/ Earrings: Tarina / Boots: BP / Purse: Old but Similar herehere, here & here /

/ Dress is Old but Similar 70’s style dresses here, here, here, here & here/

/ Watch: Old but Similar here & here /

Welcome back to Monday!!! Whoop. Whoop.  This past weekend was wonderful.  On Saturday I started working on a skin care regiment and a makeup routine blog post.  I can’t even contain my excitement to show you all!  I think you are going to really enjoy some of my tips, tricks and products I want to share.  I use all of the products myself on a daily basis!  Because I always wonder what other people do for their skin and makeup, I figured I could share my own!  Share the love, you know???

Saturday night, Tyler (my boyfriend) and I had a bonfire in his backyard and some people came over.  On Sunday, Tyler’s Mom made both of us the most delicious breakfast at her house! We had eggs, potatoes, pork tenderloin, bacon, biscuits, raison cinnamon toast, fruit, yogurt and granola.  Yumm. (Don’t forget the coffee.)  Afterwards, Tyler and I went to church and he went to a Daytona 500 party while I tried to rest and get ready for another week.  Very chill, which I LOVE.  Also, who doesn’t love a big breakfast?!?

THIS dress.  I got this dress years ago so unfortunately I don’t have a link for you to shop it. I actually got it from a local boutique (across the street from my work place) that has since been closed down.  However, I still wanted to share it on the blog because I think the colors are breathtaking.  There are lots of other ways to channel this “70’s hippie child look” too.  Personally, I would classify this look as the clean cut version.  If you have ever been to a music festival, you know what I mean!  Ha-ha.  I have found some similar (more classic) dresses below that I thought had the same vibe.  They are super adorable and you should check them out.  As for my purse and watch they are both Michael Kors and I’ve had them for years.  I linked to similar bags/watches by them.  I love all my Michael Kors items I own because of their high quality.  All my purses from them have very little wear although I would use them everyday.  My boots are currently at Nordstrom.  I think they are the perfect boots for any look.  Winter or summer.  Jeans, dresses, you name it! The neutral taupe color means they match with almost any outfit too!

Hope you liked this one!  Good luck to everyone with their week!

Shop similar items below:

/ Earrings: Tarina / Boots: BP / Purse: Old but Similar hereherehere & here /

/ Dress is Old but Similar 70’s style dresses herehereherehere & here/

/ Watch: Old but Similar here & here /

/ Photos by: Catherine Truman / Makeup/Hair: Jessica Mitchell /

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