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Tips on a Tuesday: Fitness Inspiration

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Are you already in a slump with your New Year’s Resolution to work out on a regular basis?  I’m not going to lie between learning a new position at work and many other things (so far in 2016) I am in a bit of a slump myself.

If you need some help, I’ve got you covered!  I have compiled the perfect workout outfit for you.  Simple but fun!  One of my favorites for when I need to get serious about my goals.  I hope you will be inspired by the workout gear to keep it moving with your resolutions.  I have also made a list of the Top 5 things I do to get myself motivated!  I am hoping these will help you!

Here we go!

/ Tank Top: Lululemon / Sports Bra: Lululemon / Pants: Nike / Shoes: Brooks /


/ Tank Top: Lululemon / Sports Bra: Lululemon / Pants: Nike / Shoes: Brooks /

For this workout outfit I’m wearing a Lululemon tank top. I buy mine a little loose because I like it to be less fitting around the sides.  LOVE the color of this tank top, but you can buy it in MANY colors.  I’m wearing my favorite Lululemon sports bra.  I like a lot of support because in my boot camp classes in Nashville there is a lot of sprinting/jumping.  In this bra I can go as high impact as I want and not have to worry about much.  It’s all black which I love.  I think all black sports bras hold their value for longer because you can’t see the wear and tear on them as well as white ones.  I am wearing Nike tight fitted capri pants.  I like to wear capri length or long pants the best.  Every-time I wear spandex shorts they ride up so much that it makes me uncomfortable and I can’t focus on my workout.  For about 4-5 years now I have been a Brooks running shoe fanatic.  Brooks is my primary athletic shoe brand that I use.  The pair in this picture is my third pair I have bought from them.  The first two have been worn into pieces because I loved them so much.  I wear them everyday to the gym because they keep you stable and are super supportive.  I like how they have some heel to them too.  Makes you feel taller and more powerful when you are working out.  I am holding my handy dandy iPhone 6S that is the lifeblood of my existence.(just kidding. . . but maybe Im not ha-ha).

As far as the pictures go, I am going to go ahead and say that I am a University of Florida alumni (hence why I am running around Ben Hill Griffin Stadium).  Back in the glory days (aka when I was a student and before I had a full time job) I spent many hours running in this stadium (aka THE SWAMPPP!! GO GATORS!).  When I was nervous about an exam or just frustrated in general I would go to the stadium, walk/run in circles and mull it over.  I would make phone calls to people from my hometown (mostly my grandmother) and just walk in circles.  The Swamp is such a special place to many people including myself.  My Dad would bring me here for games when I was a little kid (elementary-high school) and then there I was at 21/22 just running around the stadium for fun by myself throughout the school year.  The Swamp holds a lot of tradition for me personally in addition to the tradition it holds for UF.  I had to take some workout photos in one of my FAVORITE places to workout.  They leave it open to the public in the off season and you can see probably 10-30 students running around the stadium at any given time of day.  With over 50K students you would think there would be more!  I just LOVE that orange and blue. I realize its not for everyone (I’m talking to all you fans of other sports teams out there who don’t root for the Gators.) but humor me a little and read on about these KILLER Top 5 ways to get motivated to get moving!

So now on how to get motivated!!!

When I think to myself “Nahhh I don’t want to go to the gym.” after a long day its pretty easy to skip a workout.  So I do some random things that usually help get me back on track.


  1.  Drink some caffeine and/or eat a small snack (preferably protein)
  2. Look at “Fitness Inpiration” on Pinterest.
  3. Listen to the song “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.  (You won’t regret it.)
    • This song is my FAVORITE right now.  It makes me want to dance which means it can motivate me to get moving!! Its just great.
  4. Call a friend and ask them to go for a walk/jog/fitness class with you.
    • You can shoot out a mass text if you need to. Then you have someone to go with you and it can be a lot more fun than going for a run by yourself if you were dreading it.
    • Being around like minded individuals who also want to workout is really helpful.  You would be surprised how much you are like the people you surround yourself with.
  5. Watch people getting after it on YouTube

There you have it! Thats how I get motivated.  I know some of it is pretty common knowledge but I think it is still helpful.  As always, thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “Tips on a Tuesday: Fitness Inspiration

  1. This is such a great post – I too am addicted to lululemon. I love that you buy your tops a little oversized – mine are all true to my size and I kind of hate how tight they are sometimes. I must size up next time! I find music motivates me as well – I have a running spotify playlist and just listening to it makes me want to get up and do something!


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