How to Stay Organized in 2016

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Alright, gals! This is first and foremost a fashion blog. However, I am going to start a new series every Tuesday where I answer a question of what I think a 20 something would have.  I will be posting outfits as well but you can count on more of this “lifestyle” part to come into play once a week on Tuesdays.  Going UP on a Tuesday!!!
I’m going to start today!! First topic. .

Question:  How do I stay organized with my personal life?

Answer:  3 things.

  1. Keeping a pocket planner (My current planner, last years planner, and wallet.)


  • I have a pocket sized planner that I keep in my purse at ALL times.  This planner is purely for keeping track of what goes on outside of work.  I write my work schedule “8-5” on every week day in my planner but other than that everything else on the planner is personal.
  • I have always been a planner girl.  Even in elementary school I got a thrill out of keeping track of my assignments in my school planner. #nerdalert
  • I use it to keep track of my dentist appointments, car insurance renewal, license plate renewals, hair appointments, doctors’ appointments, weddings, parties, dinners, vacations, you name it!
  • I LOVE buying the month at a glance ones because then I can easily flip through to see when my last cyclical event was.  I like the visual of seeing the whole month at once.  It gives me more of a big picture perspective for my goals etc.
  • I love the small size of it because no matter where I am I always have my purse so I can whip out my planner too.   This way I can write anything down immediately which means never forgetting anything AKA dominating life!!! Oh yeaaa!!  For the record I definitely don’t dominate at life, but I do get excited about planners.
  • I have a lot of other tricks I use within the planner.  For every day that I go to the gym I put a check-mark and “D1” in the bottom right hand corner of that day.  Then I highlight it in orange.  I do this as a visual aid for my gym activity. My favorite thing is to look down and see a lot of orange because that means I’ve been working hard!! Being able to do this somehow encourages me to go more often.  Every time I get to mark off a day I feel a wave of accomplishment.  A feeling you can’t put a price tag on!

Shop a pocket sized planner here and a purse sized planner here.

Shop a similar wallet here.

2.  Password database

  • On Google Docs (so I can get to it anywhere) I keep a word document with every password on it.  This includes passwords for:
    • Water bill, gas bill, apartment bill login, electric bill, cable bill
    • Email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat
    • PayPal, Car insurance, banking, investments, Mint finances app, Work benefits login, everything!!
    • Food Apps (Chipotle, Panera, Starbucks)
  • By keeping this word document I never have to wonder what my password is for any login.  They are all written down in a safe spot.  It’s extremely helpful for when I had to move apartments a few years ago because when I changed my address I was able to just go down the list and make sure no stone went un-turned.

3.  A portable goals sheet

  • I always keep a random piece of paper in my purse for keeping track of my long term/short term goals or “To Do’s”.  For example I take a piece of paper and at the top I put:
    • What I want to accomplish in 5 years
    • What I want to accomplish  in 1 year
    • What I want to accomplish this month
    • What I need to accomplish this week
    • What I need to accomplish today
  • I use this almost like my “written” vision board ( great article on vision boards, you HAVE to read THIS) and only put the most critical things on there.  If it doesn’t absolutely HAVE to be done then I don’t put it on the list.  That way I’m not wasting energy stressing about silly stuff. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • For example if my “to do” is that I want to watch a TV show then it doesn’t go on the list but if it is “get toilet paper” then it ALWAYS goes on the list!!

Here are some cute journals here, here, and here you could write your very own goals down to keep in your purse.

Between these three things I feel pretty organized most of the time.  I trust myself to remember important events/appointments.  Having it all written down frees my mind to focus on more important things like relationships with my friends and family.  I am hoping you can use these tools too and that they will help you!

Thank you for reading!!

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