Floppy Hat and Leather Pants

Photo by Tausha Dickinson | www.taushadickinson.comPhoto by Tausha Dickinson |
Photo by Tausha Dickinson |

I wanted to show you this exciting outfit I am loving right now! This outfit is great for those few remaining days you have with friends and family before 2016.

Is it really 2016?!?

I know I’m enjoying every second of being with my family in Florida for the week! I’m having even more fun while wearing this floppy hat around town in Yulee, Florida! (My hometown, and very close to my heart.)  I don’t like to wear flashy stuff.  Honestly I prefer simple staple items.  But when I saw this hat I decided I had to give it a try!  I think my wanna be hipsterness kicked in.  However, it was a great purchase!  I feel like I’m in a Taylor Swift music video every-time I plop it on.  (who doesn’t love a good T-Swift video?!) Even if the hat is a little much for your tastes, I would encourage you to pick one up and see what you think!  I think you would feel great in this hat too!

I paired the hat with some leather pants I picked up from Anthropologie and a plain V-neck t-shirt.  The pants are a little pricey, but a MUST! Definitely an investment towards your weekend wardrobe. (Other than those “Netflix and Chill” sweatpants in your dresser.) Since I bought the pants a few months ago I have probably worn them EVERY weekend.

As for accessories I’m rocking my favorite Kendra Scott earrings (you will probably see these a lot) and Michael Kors watch.  While you shop for your own hat be on the prowl for some sequins because its New Years on Thursday!! Party-party!!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great evening!

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Photos by: Tausha Dickinson

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