Holiday Cookie Party 101

Last weekend one of my good friends Nicole (also a blogger!) invited me to a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party at her home. I had only heard of Cookie Parties once from one of my best friends in college. She has one every year back home with her friends from high school. I had never been to one myself so I was pretty excited to get invited. I got the scoop from Nicole on what they were all about. It is such a fun idea! Everyone brings a couple dozen cookies of their choice (usually home-made). Then you lay all the cookies out on the table and do a switch-a-roo. After grabbing some, you get to take home this awesome cookie platter with a plethora of cookie choices. Can you say VARIETY? (Without all the work . . . yes please!!)

It’s like cookie heaven!!!!

As you can see from her blog (HERE) Nicole is an awesome party planner. She had a beautifully decorated home with her Dachshund named Pearl to greet you at the front door. She made delicious baked ziti for all of us. She set the table in a festive manner and provided all of us with these adorable Christmas tins to put our cookies in. I decided to bring store bought cookies because I’m not very good at baking. (Thank God for Publix!!!) You can see them below! I had a wonderful time meeting some new people, eating delicious pasta, and stocking up on cookies for my frequent sweets cravings.

(Sorry I’m about to get sappy . .) I feel like even though we get bogged down with buying/wanting material things around Christmas time, my favorite part about this time of year are the extra opportunities (like this one) to spend quality time with wonderful individuals. Nothing compares to hanging out with some great girls and enjoying the moment. #blessed

With that being said, thankfully tomorrow is Friday!! Hope everyone has finished their Christmas shopping. If not, look for a post this weekend about some last minute shopping ideas!

Btw, Nicole’s blog is called Chronicling Home and I highly suggest you CHECK IT OUT!


Sugar Cookies


Cookie Tin


Here are some of my favorite kitchen related items if you are looking to set up a party for your own friends!!


Break the Ice / Polka Dot Cookie Dish / Canister / Drink Maker / Chemex

Shaker / Casserole Dish / Square Baker / Pie Plate

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