Florida Gators Sweater & Vineyard Vines Tote

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/ Sweater: Emerson Street Clothing (Sold Out) Similar: Here and Here  /

/ Jeans: Madewell / Boots: Lucchesse /

/ Tote: Sold out, Similar: Vineyard Vines / Earrings: Pearls /

/ Necklace: Moon & LolaHere & Here /

Hey ya’ll!  So if you grew up in the Southeast like me you probably spent the better part of your childhood going to football games.  I certainly did.  I remember back when I was in high school, I would cheer at my high school football game on Friday night, wake up early to drive to Gainesville with my family to tailgate/watch the University of Florida Gators 🐊 play (in the season tickets we’ve had for over 25 years), then come back to Jacksonville Saturday night in time for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game on Sunday.

It was definitely a lifestyle.  Part of being a huge football fan means lots of team spirit.  With team spirit comes an excessive about of team clothing 😏 (But I’m not complaining, ha-ha!).  Then when you go to college at your already favorite sports team you look around and realize your entire closet is orange and blue! It doesn’t hurt that both my parents, brother, sister, and Aunts/Uncles went to the University of Florida too! 😁 So even though this may not be appealing to the masses I couldn’t help but show my love for the University of Florida 🐊 (my alma mater) in this latest outfit.  This outfit screams orange and blue just like the fans in the Swamp.  Chomp, chomp!

This outfit would be perfect for any Gators sporting event (obvs not in the beginning of football season when the temps are 100++ degrees), perfect for fall tailgates, and basically anything!  Although football season is a ways away, that doesn’t mean its not on everyones minds.  I wear my Gator gear year round.  Mostly because of all the joy it brings me! The Florida Gators reminds me of my family, my education, my childhood, my hometown, and my longtime friends! 😊

You know how some people are really obnoxious about where they came from?  I never thought I would be one of those people.  Unfortunately, I came to find out three years ago when I moved to Nashville that I was super obnoxious about being from Florida.  I have no idea where it (the animosity towards other states) all came from but I pretty much talked about Florida all the time.  I was that really annoying girl who was trying to live in the past (past= everyone around me was already a Gators fan, present= very few people around me were Gators fans).  I think when you move out of state for the first time (after you’ve spent your entire life in the same two hour radius) you kind of freak out inside because everything is so different from what you use to know.  Especially when certain things (like being a Gators fan) are so ingrained in who you are as a person but no one else in your new location can relate.  Somehow I chose to cope with it by just talking about Florida like it was the best thing ever.  I’m not going to lie I still feel that way but thankfully I have matured a little more and learned that honestly people don’t really care to hear it.  You are much better off getting to know them first.  Even though I’ve grown up a little more and learned not to be so obnoxious with my words that doesn’t mean I can’t be obnoxious with my favorite outfits! Ha-ha.  So if you are a Florida Gator, I hope you love this one! If you aren’t, well thats okay! I hope you rock your home team with as much pride as I do!  Well Tyler (my boyfriend) and I are currently off to Chattanooga for a weekend adventure.  I am so excited!  So I will end with one of my favorite quotes of all time . . .

🐊 ” Floridian by birth, Gator by the grace of God!” 🐊

As always, thank you for reading and have a fantastic weekend!

/ Sweater: Emerson Street Clothing (Sold Out) Recreate the look: Here and Here  /

/ Jeans: Madewell / Boots: Lucchesse /

/ Tote: Sold out, Similar: Vineyard Vines / Earrings: Pearls /

/ Necklace: Moon & Lola, Here & Here /

/ Photos by: Catherine Truman /

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